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Conveniently located in Port Melbourne, Bargo resides in an 1300sqm warehouse and offers our clients unique storage, management and customised inventory control services.

Warehousing Port Melbourne


By adopting a consultative approach, we provide immediate, short term and long term sustainable solutions for your storage and distribution requirements.


  • Storage of any equipment or stock

  • Excess bulk bought goods for long term storage

  • Unloading or loading of containers

  • Pallet racking and forklift services onsite

  • Accept deliveries on clients behalf


Keg storage


Bargo has custom built an online inventory control system that allows live updating and tracking of our clients goods.


  • Stock control

  • Set alerts for certain stock level points 

  • Full reporting and visibility

  • Keg tracking

  • Custom delivery slips with clients details or logos

Warehouse and invertory control


We specialise in caring for your goods, ensuring that the order is accurate and delivered on time.


  • Ensure accuracy of orders for dispatch

  • All goods correctly protected, wrapped and packed prior to dispatch

  • Liaise with external courier and transport providers

  • Breakdown of bulk goods into individual kits

Professional Glass washing


Whether we manage your glass inventory or need high volume cleaning for a one off event, Bargo provides commercial glass washing and hand polishing services.


  • Commercial grade dishwashers

  • Hand polishing and inspecting

  • After hours as required for peak event periods

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